Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Mill Run Stout - All Grain II

IBU__ OG1.045

After the poor body of the previous brew a Stout seems a reasonably strong ale to re-start from. Given the choice of 3 recipes, Eskimo Bob's House Stout, Pensans brewery's award winning Dark & Roasty and Palmers Mill Run Stout I've opted for the latter. The recipes are all very similar but I chose the Palmer recipe admittedly out of laziness because it's a 19L recipe and the other 2 are 23L. From the start I should have realised that the quantity of roasted barley in Palmers recipe is almost 1/2 that used in the other recipes.

Full mash: Marris otter pale malt, flaked maize, crystal malt & roasted barley
1hr single infusion mash @ 67oc
Fly sparge ~45minutes

Boil - First wort hopping
Hop additions at __ & __ minutes
whirlfloc tables @ 20minutes

Pitched yeast at 35oc
23L wort @ 1.035
as opposed to 19L @ 1.050
due to collecting too much wort and not enough reduction during the boil

After some recent slow fermentations I'm changing my tactics and going for a week in primary and no secondary fermentor. After a week the gravity is down to 1.013 which is my best (lowest) yet.

The Beer is a very dark brown, far from being black. Although it hasn't matured yet the flavour is pleasantly smokey and a bit nutty, not dissimilar to a very nice real ale stout I supped in the Malt Shovel tavern recently.

I will certainly try both Eskimo's recipe and the Pensans recipe in future which will be darker and I think will produce better results.



Blogger greedydave said...

Great to see you back blogging again, Frothy.
Hope this one turns out tasty for you.

7:59 PM  
Blogger greedydave said...

oh hang on... 2006 !!!

my bad!

* hangs head in shame *

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