Monday, October 23, 2006

Hardwick Special Bitter - All Grain 1

First of all thanks everyone on the Home Brew Forum for all the great advice over the last few months, I'd never have got to this stage without y'all. My first all grain is an English Special Bitter that I've produced before with great sucess using extract and crystal malt. It's based on a Palmer Recipe but I've altered nearly every part of it so I feel it's ok to share.

19L recipe
3.0kg Maris Otter Pale
250g crystal
0.5kg Flaked Maize

35IBU total
17IBU - Northern brewer 60min 14g
11IBU - Goldings 30min 24g
7IBU - Goldings 15min 23g + werlflock tablet (free from H&G order)

mashed for 60minutes
15L strike water @ 74.5oc (ratio of 4L/kg)
69oc strike temp
64.5oc final temp

Photos here -

Doughing in

I pre-warmed the tun with 2L of boiling water poured through the top with a funnel. After doughing in there was initially a good few inches of liquid ontop of the grain but the grain swelled to accomodate this nicely. Could maybe fit in a double recipe at a squeeze?



A nice 45minute Fly-sparge where the 2 taps were essential for regulating flow.

The T-bar sparge arm worked nicely

Lauter water 13L @ 80.5oc
collected ~ 25L wort

Stong boil with rapid hot break dispersal. The burner is only 8.5kw but I run it flat out and the final boil volume was ~17L so I lost 7L (a whopping 28% reduction over 1hr)

Left it to rest for 15minutes before cooling. I'd already got the CFC going using a recirculating system based around a 5gal fermenting bucket and a £10 pond pump. This water wound up at ~ 40oc and I used it to clean the boiler out with.

Cold Break

There was a lot of cold break but I didn't see any hot break

Pitched the yeast @ 34oc (a bit warm)
Final Gravity @ 1.0467 (corrected to 15oc)
aimed for 1.047Smile

Will have to work out my efficiency sometime

cost= 11.3p/ 500mlExclamation
People were sceptical when I reported on here that MrWallis of the Pensans brewery had told me he could brew beer for ~ 20p/ pint Smile All I did was buy a 25kg sack of Maris otter from my local microbrewery for £20, the 20kg sack of flaked maize was £5 from a local horse feed shop.

can't wait to drink it

Results 8.11.06
Oh dear - the first all grain has had a few weeks in the fermentors, over a week pressurised and conditioning and it's not looking good. I probably should have kept more of an eye on it but now I find large amounts of suspended particles which I presume is that cold break gunk. I hoped I had left most of this behind when I racked into the 2ndary. The body, colour and the flavour are weak although the brew is definately alcoholic.

Will add some finings overnight and hope for the best (that means that the chunks don't turn out to be mould!)


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