Thursday, September 14, 2006

BrewIV - India Pale Ale (J.Palmer)

OG 1.062 IBU~59
As you can see the IPA is a bit stronger than traditional British Bitter in both alcohol and bitterness, this was originally intended to preserve the beer better as it travelled to India. Steeping 250g crystal malt as before and using malt extract, this brew is essentially the same procedure as the English Special Bitter (previous brew) but gives me the chance to use some different hops.

Bittering Hops: Challenger (8%) instead of Nugget (12%)
Aroma: Goldings(5%)
Dry Hop: Goldings (5%) (in secondary fermentor)

Procedure -
11.5L partial Boil
cooling by dilution to 19L
(steeping see English Special Bitter)

Diastatic malt? I like the fact that liquid malt extract is cheaper than the spray malt but I prefer spray malt because its easy to weigh & handle. The cincinnati pale ale used 1/2 and 1/2 spray and liquid but I won't be doing that again because spray costs so much more. They only had the diastatic liquid malt at the Local Home brew shop (LHBS) and the colour is <15 whilst the light I usually use is 8-12, the price is the same and essentially its the same stuff so no problem. The recipe calls for slightly more than the 1.6kg can so I made up the rest by splitting a bag of spray malt.

7g of Youngs GP yeast took well overnight with a good inch of krausen the next day. The brew vigorously fermented for 3 days and then slowed. Lessons learnt though i'm giving it a couple of more days in the primary before racking it into the 2ndary fermentor. For some reason since I started steeping crystal malts the 2ndary fermentation is taking a lot longer. This beer as with the ESB is spending a long time at 1.020 with CO2 being produced and the yeast actively in suspension.

I've chosen to dry hop in the 2ndary instead of adding the Goldings in the last 5minutes of the boil. This is an option in Palmers recipe and I figured that this will better suit my personal taste & my nose.

Results -
Strong in both bitterness & alcohol. Harsh & unpleasant with no fruity qualities that might otherwise redeem this brew. The problem could be a result of poor quality dry hops. Will make a good mixer for Shandy.

8.11.06 - Apparently stronger beers take longer to mature. Now it's had a good month to mature this beer is tasting pretty smooth. Definately redeemed its-self.


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